How To Ghost Comment On Facebook

Photo by from Pexels

Many have recently been wondering what they call a “ghost comment” well,  it’s not new to facebook but it’s surely new to facebook users .

Ghost commenting on a facebook post can be described as dropping a blank comment below the post. As you read on I’ll  show you an easy step by step process on how you can drop a ghost comment in any post on facebook.

Screenshot by me

«After logging into your facebook account either through a browser or via facebook mobile app, as the picture above shows my facebook blog page as an example, type in the symbols @ and [0:] with space between the two then post the comment.

Screenshot by me

«If it displays as the image above, then you’re on the right path, next is to edit your comment by holding on to the comment for 2seconds and click on the edit button.

Screenshot by me

«Next is to delete or get rid of the space between  @ and [0:] and the click done it should look like the image above.

Screenshot by me

«Next thing is to repost your comment after editing, it should display as the image above if done accordingly, you now have your ghost comment.

Thanks for reading, if you tried this please give your feedback, but if for some reason it didn’t work do let me know in the comment section below.

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