How To Secure Your Facebook From Hackers

Social media has made itself so reliable to it’s users by becoming a place where you can save your details and information. Facebook has now become a gallery as many people use it to save their pictures and other important photos, this will only make you lose all your valuable photos when hacked. To saveContinue reading “How To Secure Your Facebook From Hackers”

How To Use Your Phone Without Touching It

Are you fed up of getting out of your bath top to change the song playing on your smartphone? Or tired of always cleaning your wet/stained hands before picking a call on your phone? I guess your answer is as good as mine. Many people really don’t know the power of the device they use,Continue reading “How To Use Your Phone Without Touching It”

How To Ghost Comment On Facebook

Many have recently been wondering what they call a “ghost comment” well,  it’s not new to facebook but it’s surely new to facebook users . Ghost commenting on a facebook post can be described as dropping a blank comment below the post. As you read on I’ll  show you an easy step by step processContinue reading “How To Ghost Comment On Facebook”

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