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9 Tips To Speed Up Your Smartphone

Smartphones are not laptops or computers, they have more limitations than those computers. sometimes when we don’t scrutinize the way we make use of our smartphone it could get very slow on operation and this will lead to over heating and probably reduce the battery performance. Most people don’t use their smartphone for a longContinue reading “9 Tips To Speed Up Your Smartphone”

Tips To Recover Your Facebook Account

There are four things listed here which can help you recover your hacked facebook account. I was inspired to write this after my friend’s facebook account got hacked, but later we recovered it through the methods listed below. First Procedure 1.) If only password was changed; If only your password was changed in the hackingContinue reading “Tips To Recover Your Facebook Account”

7 Legit Ways To Earn Real Money Online

We all have been looking for legit ways to earn money online to double our income, I’ve taken it upon myself to do some research and confirmation. I bring to you these 7 legit ways to earn money most of them without investing anything number 1 and 2 are my favorite. «Blogging;This has always beenContinue reading “7 Legit Ways To Earn Real Money Online”