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STOP Keeping Your Smartphone In These Places

After so much research and experiments, it has been resolved that there are some places in your body which your smartphones must not be kept. Though our smartphone is so attached to us it shouldn’t get too close to us because it could cause us great health challenges. We’ve taken out a list of places where you must not keep your smartphone and outlined proven effects of each on the list. Read on to know more;

1.) On A Charger;

We all know the saying which goes “too much of everything is bad” it also applies to overcharging your smartphone. Plugging your smartphone to charge all night significantly reduces the battery lifespan of your smartphone, to avoid this; it’s better to unplug before sleeping and plug back after waking up.

2.) The Face;

Several people always make the mistake of placing their phones too close to the face while picking or making calls. Research has proven that our phones accommodate allot of bacteria and electromagnetic radiation, we transfer lots of those Bacteria to our face and absorb allot of radiation, this could cause nasty illnesses or even skin cancer. For safety; place your phone atleast 0.5-1.5cm away from the face while making or picking calls.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

3.) Front Pocket;

This mostly applies to men, keeping your phone in your front pockets increases exposure to radiations from your phone which can reduce your sperm quality and quantity, doing this continuously will result in a low sperm count, impotency or even cancer. While, on the front pocket of your chest could cause nerve disorder or heart related illnesses.

4.) Your Back Pocket;

There are many negative impacts of putting your smartphone in your back pocket, many people even “i” mostly forget my phone easily when I keep it in my back pocket, it could accidentally break, get lost, or you could dial a number by mistake, above all it distrusts the proper circulation of blood in the area which causes stomach pain or leg pain.

5.) The Bra;

Most women have gotten used to the negative habit of putting things in the bra for safe keeps, but this will only expose your breast to emitted radiations from the phone which kills or reduces milk formation, in-turn could lead to breast cancer, nerve disorder or heart related issues.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

6.) Under Sleeping Pillows;

For a comfortable night sleep it’s best to keep your phone away from you, reasons are; you might experience headaches, dizziness or a reduction in melatonin production due to increase exposure to the emission of electromagnetic radiations from your smartphone.

It’s called “handset” for a reason, the right places to put or keep your smartphone; either you hold it on your hand at a distance of 0.5-1.5cm away from the body, carry it in a holder or keep it on a table close to you.

Thanks for reading please drop your comments and complaints below. Don’t forget to check out How to use your Phone without touching it


9 Tips To Speed Up Your Smartphone

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Smartphones are not laptops or computers, they have more limitations than those computers. sometimes when we don’t scrutinize the way we make use of our smartphone it could get very slow on operation and this will lead to over heating and probably reduce the battery performance. Most people don’t use their smartphone for a long period before getting a new one because, they don’t know how to increase the speed and bettery performance. Below are nine (9) tips to speed Up your smartphone performance.

1.) Remove Dormant Apps;

All apps on your smartphone takes up it’s own share from your storage space and use it to perform background processes. The more space and background process consumed the slower your smartphone runs. It doesn’t matter if you use those apps or not, it will still consume space and run background processes, it’s probably best to uninstall the dormant apps for your device to run faster. You can equally choose to disable the app if you wish to use it later.

2.) Use High Memory Capacity;

External storage space equally makes your smartphone run faster, if your internal storage space is low then you can move items to your external storage space.

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

It’s probably best to use memory cards of class 6 or 10 for android devices, maybe a 16GB or a 32GB external memory storage and be sure to set your installation location to your external storage.

3.) Regular App Update;

Keeping apps that are not updated will slow down your smartphone, you should update your apps regularly from your Google app store, to get the new version of same apps with fixed bugs and extra features. This will increase your smartphone performance but refusing to do this will cause your phone to over heat and reduce battery performance within operation of the app.

4.) Use Static Wallpapers;

Live wallpapers require CPU cycles to run thereby consuming more battery power. I love live wallpapers maybe even more than you do, but I love my smartphone more! So I stopped using live wallpapers and continued with static Wallpapers and now my battery life span has expanded making my smartphone faster.

5.) Off All Animations;

Just like a live wallpaper, animations equally drain battery power and require CPU cycles to run, which slows down your smartphone.

Photo by Hammad Khalid from Pexels

As you toggle from one app to another through your smartphone, the screen fade-out. You can turn this off by going to your Settings>Developer options>Window Animation Scale>Animation Scale 10x. Then choose animations off. After switching off, your screen will just display positions without any animations. Transition Animation Scale turns off the same way.

6.) Rooting;

Rooting is a process that gives you total access to your smartphone, it opens some user restricted areas and gives you an administrator level access, which means you can uninstall built-in apps, enhance the performance and battery life of your smartphone, update your smartphone to the latest version or other unsupported updates, it basically means you’re in charge. Your smartphone can be damaged if you misuse the level of access given to you by installing some risky apps.

7.) Light Background Apps;

Your background app uses RAM space provided by your device to operate, when you use heavy weight background apps they could slow down your smartphone and consume allot of power, but reverse is the case when you make use of light weight background apps.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

8.) Reboot Your Smartphone;

For better smartphone experience it’s best to regularly reboot your phone, most especially when you notice it over heating or slow in operation. This will increase your phone’s speed and stop the over heating.

9.) Remove Junk Files;

Junk files are left-over of already installed apps which consume memory space. For better performance it’s best to delete junk files immediately you install them. This will free up memory space for a better operation.

Thanks for reading , hope you now know how to speed up your smartphone. Please check How to use your Phone without touching it . Do drop your comments below.

Tips To Recover Your Facebook Account

Photo by Saksham Choudhary from Pexels

There are four things listed here which can help you recover your hacked facebook account. I was inspired to write this after my friend’s facebook account got hacked, but later we recovered it through the methods listed below.

First Procedure

1.) If only password was changed; If only your password was changed in the hacking process, then this is an easy method of account recovery.

Photo by pixabay from pexels

a.) This process is adopted when you still have access to your email account, you have to click on “forgot password” on the login page.

b.) You will be directed by facebook to another page where you’ll be asked to input your email, phone number or username, since you already gave access to your email account, input it.

c.) Next facebook will bring in your profile, click on it and enter either your phone number advisably your email account.

d.) Next a recovery code will be sent by facebook to either your email or phone number depending on which you gave.

e.) Final step is to set a new password for your facebook account and you are ready to facebook again.

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

2.) If no access to email; in a situation whereby the hacker changed only your email attached to your facebook account, this is what you should do to recover it.

a.) On your login page click “forgot password”.

b.) You’ll be asked to input your username, email or phone number to enable facebook search for your account.

c.) Identify your facebook profile, next is to click on your profile when asked to reset your password, click on “no longer have access to these” because you don’t have access to your email.

d.) If your facebook account is above 5years then security questions will be asked by facebook for you to answer correctly.

e.) But if your account is less than 5years facebook will use “trust contact” to enable you regain access. But you must have go get another email address and click on “reveal my trusted contact” and enter the name of anyone among them, then a link will be sent to them by facebook, ask them to click the link and send you the code, you have to input the code they sent to recover your account.

Second Procedure

1.) Facebook Identity Verification (FIV); A new security system was launched by facebook in 2019, called, (FIV) facebook identity verification.

Photo by pixabay from pexels

a.) Go to

b.) Attach a government issued ID, and fill-out the form.

c.) Send the form to facebook and wait a few days for feedback.

d.) You will be sent a recovery email by facebook.

e.) Congratulations your account has been recovered. Meanwhile check how to drop a ghost comment on facebook .

Thanks for reading this and hope you have gotten ideas on how to get back your hacked facebook account, please leave a comment below if after this you still haven’t gotten back your account.