9 Tips To Speed Up Your Smartphone

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Smartphones are not laptops or computers, they have more limitations than those computers. sometimes when we don’t scrutinize the way we make use of our smartphone it could get very slow on operation and this will lead to over heating and probably reduce the battery performance. Most people don’t use their smartphone for a long period before getting a new one because, they don’t know how to increase the speed and bettery performance. Below are nine (9) tips to speed Up your smartphone performance.

1.) Remove Dormant Apps;

All apps on your smartphone takes up it’s own share from your storage space and use it to perform background processes. The more space and background process consumed the slower your smartphone runs. It doesn’t matter if you use those apps or not, it will still consume space and run background processes, it’s probably best to uninstall the dormant apps for your device to run faster. You can equally choose to disable the app if you wish to use it later.

2.) Use High Memory Capacity;

External storage space equally makes your smartphone run faster, if your internal storage space is low then you can move items to your external storage space.

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

It’s probably best to use memory cards of class 6 or 10 for android devices, maybe a 16GB or a 32GB external memory storage and be sure to set your installation location to your external storage.

3.) Regular App Update;

Keeping apps that are not updated will slow down your smartphone, you should update your apps regularly from your Google app store, to get the new version of same apps with fixed bugs and extra features. This will increase your smartphone performance but refusing to do this will cause your phone to over heat and reduce battery performance within operation of the app.

4.) Use Static Wallpapers;

Live wallpapers require CPU cycles to run thereby consuming more battery power. I love live wallpapers maybe even more than you do, but I love my smartphone more! So I stopped using live wallpapers and continued with static Wallpapers and now my battery life span has expanded making my smartphone faster.

5.) Off All Animations;

Just like a live wallpaper, animations equally drain battery power and require CPU cycles to run, which slows down your smartphone.

Photo by Hammad Khalid from Pexels

As you toggle from one app to another through your smartphone, the screen fade-out. You can turn this off by going to your Settings>Developer options>Window Animation Scale>Animation Scale 10x. Then choose animations off. After switching off, your screen will just display positions without any animations. Transition Animation Scale turns off the same way.

6.) Rooting;

Rooting is a process that gives you total access to your smartphone, it opens some user restricted areas and gives you an administrator level access, which means you can uninstall built-in apps, enhance the performance and battery life of your smartphone, update your smartphone to the latest version or other unsupported updates, it basically means you’re in charge. Your smartphone can be damaged if you misuse the level of access given to you by installing some risky apps.

7.) Light Background Apps;

Your background app uses RAM space provided by your device to operate, when you use heavy weight background apps they could slow down your smartphone and consume allot of power, but reverse is the case when you make use of light weight background apps.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

8.) Reboot Your Smartphone;

For better smartphone experience it’s best to regularly reboot your phone, most especially when you notice it over heating or slow in operation. This will increase your phone’s speed and stop the over heating.

9.) Remove Junk Files;

Junk files are left-over of already installed apps which consume memory space. For better performance it’s best to delete junk files immediately you install them. This will free up memory space for a better operation.

Thanks for reading , hope you now know how to speed up your smartphone. Please check How to use your Phone without touching it . Do drop your comments below.

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