How To Use Your Phone Without Touching It

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Are you fed up of getting out of your bath top to change the song playing on your smartphone? Or tired of always cleaning your wet/stained hands before picking a call on your phone? I guess your answer is as good as mine.

Many people really don’t know the power of the device they use, nowadays all they do is play music, calls, watch videos surf the net or social media. But that’s not the only thing your phone can do! Right here and now I’ll show you how you can use your smartphone without even touching it, this is possible because of two apps am gonna mention here which are “google assistant” and “siri” apps. Luckily many phones have them inbuilt already but if Your’s doesn’t, then you can download it.

Google Assistant

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‘Google assistant’ as the name goes, is an Android app that assists you on the operation or navigation of your smartphone,

How Google assistant works

«Touch and hold the home button on your Android phone or say “hey google” and if the assistant is off you’ll be asked to turn it on. You can also use it under lock screen.

«After turning it on, ask a question or say a command to your android phone and it will follow your orders, but you have to be audible and make sure you use a language among the list in the settings of google assistant.

Smartphones that use Google assistant

Almost all smartphones use Google assistant, but only those that have the properties listed below;

«Android v5.0 with at least 1.0GB of available memory space

«Android v6.0 with at least 1.6GB OD available memory space

«Google app 6.13 or higher

«Google Play services

«720p or higher screen resolution

«Device’s language set to a language listed by google.

If your smartphone has these properties then you can use google assistant. To learn more about google assistant check out


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Android smartphones make use of “google assistant” while most iPhones use “siri”. In Siri we don’t say “hey Siri” rather we just say “siri” then you say out your command and try to be audible while at it, you can also use it under loch screen.

Smartphones that use siri

If not all! almost all iPhones use Siri, below are some iPhones that use Siri;

Photo by Stanley Ng from Pexels

«Apple iphone XR

«Apple iphone XS max

«Apple iphone X

«All apple watches

«Air pods

«Home pods and lots more

You can get to know if your device uses siri at

Thanks for reading this my beloved friends, if you have any comments please do well to drop them below.

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