These 5 Apps Could Make You A Genius

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In present times, technological advancements has made many people use little of their brain power by depending too much on scientific inventions. Let’s look more on the positive side of technology because If we fail to do so, we might end up in a world of advanced technology with dull people, sometimes I really fear for the future of  planet earth. Today’s technology is mostly feeding up on past inventions rather than creating our own legacy. Many of us prefer spending our time on social networks, videos, fun games and stuff.  in this article I’m gonna show you some wonderful apps which are specifically designed to increase and boost our iQ( intelligence quotient).


With lumosity, you play mind training games and overcome certain task daily which boost your cognitive power, focus, brain speed, and multitasking skills, it also keeps record of your progressiveness.

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What amazes me the most is that you can also compare your result online with your pairs worldwide, you can get this game for yourself and your kids. Lumosity is available on Android and IOS.

Quiz Pursuit

If you are a lover of sports and quiz then this is the best app for you and your kids. With trivia quiz games which gives you the opportunity to select your own topics on quiz out of thousands, quiz pursuit consists of sports, movies, general knowledge, and everything else you need.

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What distinguishe this app from others is that there is no repeated questions, so you have no reason to get bored playing this game as there are well over 25million questions. You can challenge your friends, family and even your foe in trivia round if you don’t wanna play alone, quiz pursuit is available on both Android and IOS.


This app teaches you how to learn different languages in a fun and lively manner, duolingo aims at boosting your cognitive power and multilingual skills.

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Research has proven that becoming multilingual can increase your iQ percentage tremendously, in each language there are games that help you learn and retain excellently but for best results do this daily. Duolingo is available on both Android and IOS.


Just as the name goes, this is another fun filled app that elevates your mind, and unleash the genius hidden inside of you. Elevate aims at using it’s task to boost your cognitive power, comprehensive skill, focus, maths skill, memory, precision and processing skills.

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This app has well over 35 games designed by experts, there are two versions one is free and the other paid with an initial 14 days free trial. Elevate is available on both Android and IOS.


As it sounds on the tongue, what’s the first thing that popped into your head? Buddha !! I thought so to, Buddhify is a very special and delicate mind app specifically designed for meditation and boosting of cognitive skills.

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This goes deeper into your emotional difficulties and don’t be surprised because you might get insight to solutions concerning your difficulties while in the app. Buddhify is available on Android and IOS.

I was inspired to write this article from a deep emotional state of mind, my aim is to reach out so that we can use technology instead of being used by it. don’t abuse tech, use tech to your benefit

Thank you for reading, if you know other beneficial mind building apps not listed here please drop your contributions below.

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