How To Secure Your Facebook From Hackers

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Social media has made itself so reliable to it’s users by becoming a place where you can save your details and information. Facebook has now become a gallery as many people use it to save their pictures and other important photos, this will only make you lose all your valuable photos when hacked. To save items like videos and photos go to Go3ogle drive and there it will be safe only accessible by you when you back-up regularly. Below are some ways to secure your facebook account from hackers.

Change password

Frequently changing of facebook password can protect you from loosing your facebook account, especially if you logged into your account through another device that isn’t your’s.

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To be on the safer side you can change your password once every month avoid using an easy password or a familiar facebook password because hackers can easily detect it and use several hacking methods to decipher it. Suggestions are to mix your password with symbols, numbers and capital letters.

Hide Your Details

On your facebook profile you must avoid putting details that could implicated or make your account vulnerable to facebook hackers.

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Examples of such details are; your contact used in creating the account and your email address attached to the your facebook account and other details.

2-Step Verification

Generally known as 2-factor authentication (2FA), is another way to secure your account from being hacked. You have to turn on 2-factor-authentication in your facebook settings.

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When you have activated (2FA), each time someone tries to login to your facebook account through a different device, you will be asked to input a login code which will be sent to your facebook registered phone number. Though this two factor authentication is safe, but not perfectly safe as hackers everyday are bringing up new schemes. Check out these 7 ways to earn real money online .

Wow wasn’t that informaive!! It’s time to show those hackers. Do drop a comment below if you have any complaints or contributions thank you.

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