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STOP Keeping Your Smartphone In These Places

After so much research and experiments, it has been resolved that there are some places in your body which your smartphones must not be kept. Though our smartphone is so attached to us it shouldn’t get too close to us because it could cause us great health challenges. We’ve taken out a list of places where you must not keep your smartphone and outlined proven effects of each on the list. Read on to know more;

1.) On A Charger;

We all know the saying which goes “too much of everything is bad” it also applies to overcharging your smartphone. Plugging your smartphone to charge all night significantly reduces the battery lifespan of your smartphone, to avoid this; it’s better to unplug before sleeping and plug back after waking up.

2.) The Face;

Several people always make the mistake of placing their phones too close to the face while picking or making calls. Research has proven that our phones accommodate allot of bacteria and electromagnetic radiation, we transfer lots of those Bacteria to our face and absorb allot of radiation, this could cause nasty illnesses or even skin cancer. For safety; place your phone atleast 0.5-1.5cm away from the face while making or picking calls.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

3.) Front Pocket;

This mostly applies to men, keeping your phone in your front pockets increases exposure to radiations from your phone which can reduce your sperm quality and quantity, doing this continuously will result in a low sperm count, impotency or even cancer. While, on the front pocket of your chest could cause nerve disorder or heart related illnesses.

4.) Your Back Pocket;

There are many negative impacts of putting your smartphone in your back pocket, many people even “i” mostly forget my phone easily when I keep it in my back pocket, it could accidentally break, get lost, or you could dial a number by mistake, above all it distrusts the proper circulation of blood in the area which causes stomach pain or leg pain.

5.) The Bra;

Most women have gotten used to the negative habit of putting things in the bra for safe keeps, but this will only expose your breast to emitted radiations from the phone which kills or reduces milk formation, in-turn could lead to breast cancer, nerve disorder or heart related issues.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

6.) Under Sleeping Pillows;

For a comfortable night sleep it’s best to keep your phone away from you, reasons are; you might experience headaches, dizziness or a reduction in melatonin production due to increase exposure to the emission of electromagnetic radiations from your smartphone.

It’s called “handset” for a reason, the right places to put or keep your smartphone; either you hold it on your hand at a distance of 0.5-1.5cm away from the body, carry it in a holder or keep it on a table close to you.

Thanks for reading please drop your comments and complaints below. Don’t forget to check out How to use your Phone without touching it


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